Innovative Truck Bodies to Meet Your Unique Needs

Laramie Truck Bodies is a family-owned business committed to upholding Biblical principles while engineering and manufacturing the highest quality custom truck bodies.

We serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and respect.

Landscape Body

LBO2000 Landscape Body Open

Platform Body

PB9600SD Super Duty Platform/Stake Body

Platform Body

PB9600 Regular Duty Platform/Stake Body

Platform Body

CPB8400/9600SK Skirted Contractor Platform Body

Platform Body

CPB8400/9600 Contractor Platform Body

Landscape Body

LB3000 Landscape/Trash Body

Dump Body

DB7000 Heavy Duty Dump Body

Dump Body

DB4000 Regular Duty Dump Body

Dependable Truck Bodies Engineered for Hard Work

We utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that our truck bodies are engineered to the highest standards. This allows us to visualize and refine every detail of the body before it goes into production.

This innovative approach not only ensures that our designs meet your exact specifications but also helps us avoid costly mistakes that can lead to disappointment for both you and us. By sharing our detailed drawings with you, we can work together to ensure that every aspect of your custom truck body is carefully considered, from the smallest fastener to the overall layout.

Our attention to detail and commitment to innovation set us apart as a leader in the truck body manufacturing industry.

3 Year/36,000 Mile Limited Warranty

Laramie Truck Bodies offers a 3-year or 36,000-mile limited warranty on all truck bodies and associated products, provided they are properly maintained and not damaged due to misuse or accidents, and claims can be made by contacting an authorized dealer or customer service, subject to inspection and approval by Laramie Truck Bodies.

Find a Dealer

At Laramie Truck Bodies, we understand the importance of having a strong dealer network to ensure that our products reach customers nationwide. That’s why we work with a carefully selected group of dealers who share our commitment to quality and customer service.